Introducing the new range of manufactured bone china lights. 

The inspiration starts with the potter's wheel: looking for ways of letting the form happen through the nature of the material and throwing the soft clay as thinly as possible. 

Moon lights can be combined in any number, from a single pendant to a multi-light chandelier, and is also available as a free standing light mounted on a ceramic base.    



Single pendant Moon light: £250 

Supplied with lamp and 1 metre length white braided flex | Excluding packing + shipping  

Free-standing Moon light: £325 

Supplied with lamp, flex, inline switch and plug | Excluding packing + shipping  

Watch videos on the making of a Moon light and work in progress with the design at Duchess China, Stoke-on-Trent here - 2021-03-11T095754
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Technical specifications: 

Single Moon light: 

Dimensions - height: 150mm | diameter: 160mm

Light fitting and lamp: 240 volt GU9 lamp holder

Lamp: Crompton LED G9 capsule 2.5W 2700K frosted 

six light chandelier_edited.jpg

Five Moon light chandelier, adjustable height including suspended bowl| Price: £1,500

Excluding packing + shipping

Contact us for more information and to purchase Moon lights 

Staffordshire Uni. Fin & Me casting IMG_5284 2.jpeg (86).jpg (87).jpg
Margaret working with the team and Moon lights at Duchess China: casting, inspecting fired lights and illumination 


Re-chargeable cast translucent porcelain table lights.


Conus & Trochus provide a natural focus in many environments -  home, office, hospitality venues and hotels - they can be placed outdoors for Summer parties and indoors for festive celebrations. An extremely flexible and attractive light - whether enhancing the dinner table, softly illuminating the bedroom or lightly glowing in the sitting room

The induction battery, supplied with each light, lasts up to 16 hours (45).jpg (46).jpg

Left: Conus - height: 150mm | diameter 110mm, right: Trochus - height: 150mm | diameter: 140mm 

Price: £205 each 

Supplied with mini LED module, induction charging plate, UK or EU adaptor + IR remote controller | Excluding packing + shipping 

Contact us for more information and to purchase Conus & Trochus


Pairs of cast translucent porcelain pods suspended on an adjustable 12 volt track system

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The light cast by Suspended Pods onto the nearby wall forms part of this original lighting concept and becomes an integral part of the interior living space. Designed for both commercial and domestic settings.


Any number of pairs of pods can be customised to the client's specifications. 

On a visit to Australia in 1997 Margaret was captivated by the exquisite native plants which thrive in challenging environments and grow from stony, arid ground. On her return to the UK she explored the pod form and fascinated by the possibilities of the

12 volt track system she devised forms which could be strung across a room, without needing to install electrical fittings. A vertical hanging system soon followed and in Suspended Pods the double-sided forms are held on an invisible thrown porcelain support. 


Dimensions, each pair of pods - diameter: 190mm | depth: 140mm 

Price: £4,450  - for five pairs of pods, as showing here | Excluding packing + shipping 

Contact us for more information and to purchase Suspended Pods