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11th July, 2:00pm 


ISCAEE – International Society for Ceramic Art Education and Exchange symposium at the University of the Creative Arts, Farnham.

Theme: Interpreting History

Keynote speaker, demonstrating thrown fine porcelain for lighting.

3rd-6th April 


Milan Furniture Fair

56th Edizione Salone del Mobile. Milano

Cloud disks displayed at the Grupo Mobilfresno stand


Grupo Mobilfresno stand (Photo Salone del Mopbile)

23rd March 


The Great Pottery Throwdown Series 2 Program 8. BBC TV Chanel 2

Arrowhead Chandelier shown as an example at the end of the show


Arrowhead Chandelier (Photos James Crabbe)

6th - 7th March 


Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

I gave tutorials with graduate students and a workshop


Tutorials and Workshop (Photo Eran)

2nd - 3rd March


Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv, Israel 


Following my visit last year, I returned to give a demonstration. I showed how I make the ‘Horizontal Pods’ using the blow torch, and at the end talked to a group of interested participants about the electrics needed to light up their work.


22nd November 


Sleep Exhibition: The Hotel Design Event, The Business Design Centre London.

Cast Vertical pods Invited by Chiu Man of WOW architects, Singapore, and shown on Grupo Mobilefresno stand.


Nick O'Rorke and  Margaret O'Rorke


Chiu Man and  Margaret O'Rorke

18th May        Private Commission in London UK. 

Translucent porcelain curtain with 136 porcelain wings hung to form a screen in front of a sand blasted window.


Day light

Each translucent porcelain wing was thrown, cut, joined, and reformed.


Electric light


Revati helps to prepares the wings for firing.

1st March


Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center, Tel Aviv, Israel

Maya Muchawsky Parnas the Director at Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center has created a lively center of ceramic excellence. She introduced my first presentation when I talked about how I became a potter. I was very struck by the variety, craftsmanship and creative content of the work on show.

21st February

Ceramic and Glass Department Bezalel art and design academy, Jerusalem.

I gave a slide presentation to a group of ceramicists and talked to the students whose work was imaginative, well executed and interestingly varied.

15th February

Wolfson College, Oxford University.

Completed their commission to create an 8 metre lit porcelain wall installation.


Setting up at the college


Kim helps to plan the spaces at home


Professor Dame Hermione Lee, President of Wolfson College, added “The light sculpture is a miracle, a delight, a work of genius and I couldn’t be more excited, pleased and transfixed. It looks simply wonderful!”


12th July 

While visiting Caldas in Portugal in search of a porcelain factory to manufacture my porcelain lighting I was invited to give a presentation at:


Evento FICAS Caldas. Portugal. 

This is a private art center inside a deserted granary where artists of all disciplines have studios and exchange ideas. Once month artists are invited to give short presentations about their work. While I was in Caldas they invited me to give a presentation.

10th October

The Farnham Pottery, West Street Potters, Surrey. 

“Adventures with Porcelain” Demonstration and Talk.

2014        6th September

                     International Design Center of Yanze Ceramics, Gaochun, Nanjing,                 China.

                      Invited artist in residence.

Flower Lamp fired lit forms.

While I was there Chiu Man Director of WOW Architects /Warner Wong Design commissioned lights for the Hotel they where building at St Regis Resort Hotel, in the Maldives.

I threw 3 different models and Jiangsu Gaochun Ceramics Co., Ltd. manufactured the bone china lights.

June to November


“Watts Up” Exhibition Manufacture Bernardaud Limoges France.

Chandelier Vortex 2 Collaboration with Sirrka Paikkari.

Watt's Up- Ceramics and Light - CFile Foundation

‘Food with Art’ G W Sundmans, Helsinki, Finland April-July. Work included

A collaboration with Matti Jamsen and Pekka Paikkari


2012      The University of the Creative Arts, Farnham campus,                    Lecture and demonstration.

‘Food with Art’ G W Sunmans Restaurant, Helsinki, Finland. Oct-  Nov

Sundmans Curl 2012

A collaboration with Matti Jamsen and Pekka Paikkari

2011     Slide talk and demonstration Decorum Potters Friday May 13th

2010     ‘Clay Light and Water” published by A & C Black. Book launch CAA February

Clay, Light and Water

by Margaret O'Rorke

Ceramics Handbook 2010

Published by A&C Black, London,

ISBN 978-0-7136-848-2

and UPP, Pennsylvania

ISBN 974-0-8122-2099-5

2009      Awarded Mc Knight Visiting Artist in Residence, Minniapolis USA. January – March.

Me @ -35 degrees                               Icicles at -35 degree                                                             Cast Ice Mountain NCC exhibition


Between 2007 and 2009 I paid 3 visits to Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute at Jingdezhen, China at the invitation of the Director Jackson Lee to research creating cast translucent porcelain with light.

He gave me materials, resources, and assistance, introducing me to the Culture and the profound understanding the skilled craftsmen have of their materials and craft. I worked with my assistant to create porcelain lighting that could be manufacture.

In 2009

I returned to develop some cast thrown models for both domestic and large-scale interiors, to be shown in my solo exhibition at The Northern Clay Center Philadelphia and the following year in in Philadelphia.

Returning in 2008

I developed some creative ideas with cast porcelain incorporating light.

My first visit in 2007

In order to make molds as quickly as possible and begin working with porcelain slip to discover its translucency, bamboo was cut for me from the forest.   

Following my first visit to Jingdezhen in China in 2007 I plan to return this year to develop some ambitious cast lit porcelain forms and lighting installations for both domestic and large-scale interiors.


The majority of my studio work is thrown.  A blowtorch is used to firm the clay sufficiently to cut and reform it.  Frequently, pieces are joined when leather hard.  Some hand-built work has included rolled reeds.

At Sanbao International Ceramic Center. Jingdezhen 2007.
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